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Many of our products can be purchased at our Farm Store, located right here on the farm.

We hope to see you and your family soon.

Let me introduce you to our family and farm. Our family consists of Margaret, my wife and our two daughters Katharine, Emily and their families..

Margaret is a retired Mental Health Care Worker. Katharine is a wife and mother on a local farm and Emily is living on the East Coast of Canada. Both girls have always been a great help while growing up on the farm and they continue to participate when home.

I was educated in the UK at the Bourne Secondary School. I furthered my education at the Brinsbury Agricultural School in Sussex, UK and graduated from Moulton Agricultural College in Northhampton, UK. After graduating I came to Canada in 1968.

We have been on our farm since 1972. The farm is located in Township of Middlesex Centre, in the County of Middlesex, Ontario, Canada. The type of soil in this area is clay loam. The house is a designated Historic Site dating back to 1856 and is a part of the rich history of this area.

We converted to organic agriculture in 1979. This decision was made as I became more and more uncomfortable with the way we were farming and as sprays began to impact my health. We felt that our non-organic farming methods were unsustainable and also that they transferred financial resources to the banking and chemical industries. We knew there was a better way.

In 1991 we planted six acres with 3000 native trees. This encouraged a natural habitat for beneficial insects, bees, birds and animals and provides a legacy of natural species, including nut tress.

We save our own seed for crops grown on the farm and for plants that we grow in the greenhouse for other farmers and gardeners. This ensures an uncontaminated supply of seed for the future. We encourage the support of Seeds of Diversity.

When we converted there were few supportive resources available and we progressed by trial and error. Then we discovered the EFAO (Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario). We then had the opportunity to network and visit with other organic farmers.

As time has passed, many new resources are becoming available to organic farmers as public support has grown. Still much more research and support of organic agriculture is needed. At present most research is done on farms by organic farmers. On our farm we strive to find the best cultivars (plants) for organic farms and gardens.

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